India Policy: Confusion Reigns…In Action & Words

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The articles below outline issues which will determine future prospects…

Global economic conditions are not getting better No industry is immune The Government is under a microscope as it deals with the Economic and Security crises.

India’s growth has largely been a result of Government getting out of the way of […]

India Banks: RBI directive destroys transparency

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#fullpost{display:inline;}As I have said in two earlier posts:

India Banks: Slippery slope ahead India Economy: Policy Rate Cuts

the RBI acquisience to industry demands for accounting gimmicks has made valuation of Banks an impossible short term task. Realty problems have been swept under the rug…So, I am rescinding my earlier view […]

Global News: And the Hits just keep on comin’

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#fullpost{display:none;}Do not get suckered by rallies in the equity markets…the anchor is away, but not moored. Below is a sampling of news globally, with my comments, noted. Please tell me when you see a glimmer..and I don’t mean technical indicators…which industry is finding its feet…it still looks like a vast wasteland […]