India vs Pakistan – Post Pathankot encounter

Well, technically the encounter is still ongoing, the 3rd day ongoing. This is longer than any possible terrorist engagement in the past, and could almost be called a small skirmish or a minor battle, since we have the odd situation of military personnel and highly trained commandos fighting with 6 odd terrorists and even sacrificing […]

Sanjay Dutt asks for more time before surrendering – would be unfair to other victims to grant him time

Sanjay Dutt had been given a time of 30 days as part of the sentencing by the Supreme Court; this was the time period required for the convicted in the Bombay Blast case to surrender and start serving the sentence. The date required for him to surrender before the court is April 18, and this […]

The bomb blast in Delhi, and the rage in people about it ..

Slowly it seems that people in India are becoming insensitive to the problems posed by terrorism. This is a rather unfortunate statement to make, given the shock repeatedly administered to various cities through terrorist activities. As a manifestation of this, consider the recent bomb blasts in Mumbai, followed by the one in Delhi. All of […]