The wait for the BJP in Karnataka becomes more tense – the Governor steps in

The situation for the BJP in Karnataka has suddenly become more tense. One day before the trial of strength in the assembly, the BJP is not really sure whether they will make it. A small section of the dissidents (including the ring-leader) have been persuaded to back the Government, but a number of dissident MLA’s […]

The sudden crisis in the Karnataka BJP, with needing to seek a vote of confidence

The BJP Government in Karnataka is one of their most prized governments, since this is a southern state and the BJP was for a long time frozen our of the southern states. Even now, the BJP is really not a force to reckon with in the state in the southern part of India, given that […]

Government support to cricket vs other sports

We have an obsession with cricket in this country. It is the most popular game, and maybe there are valid reasons for that. It has been marketed wonderfully, and people’s involvement in the game has been raised to such a high degree that when the finals of the Twenty-Twenty were taking place in South Africa, […]