Satyam probe – will it be fair ?

The scandal about Satyam just refuses to die down. There are so many questions that remain open, and there is the major feeling that even though the Central Government took quick action once Raju had come out with his confessional statement, the state Government of Andhra Pradesh is not being so open. Before Raju had […]

India: A magnet for Global Capital

Lee’s Dhaba

#fullpost{display:inline;}Below is a research note from Bank Credit Analyst; Highlights:

In the case of India, we remain relatively constructive as credit flows into the country appear to have largely been utilized in a productive way. As a result,the ongoing liquidity squash should not evolve into a solvency crisis on a massive scale.


Governance: Information for Mutual Fund Investors

A number of investors in India are invested into Mutual Funds, sold on the promise of being able to get better returns from the equity market without having to worry about direct investment into the equity market. A number of these investors do not have adequate information about the working of the Mutual Fund industry […]