The BSP pushes for the bill for reservations in promotion, SP objects, Government clueless

In politics, they say, nothing comes free. And so the Government keeps on discovering. Right now, the biggest necessity for the Government was to ensure that the vote for FDI in Parliament is supportive of the UPA. The allies of the UPA (such as the DMK, and a few other smaller allies) are tied to […]

The declaration by the khap in Uttar Pradesh and cowardice by politicians in reaction ..

Everybody agrees that rural India is very conservative; and there have so many cases in the recent past where panchayats in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh actually punished people who have broken their definition of moral rules and even killed many of these transgressors, or encouraged their family members to do so. Whenever […]

Uttar Pradesh elections – some challenges facing Akhilesh Yadav

In the 1984 elections, after the sudden death by assassination of Indira Gandhi, her son became the new Prime Minister and in the polls soon after, he got an astounding number of parliamentary seats giving him a huge majority – with 411 MP’s out of a total possible of 543, this was a huge mandate […]