Of Games and Game Changers – Who are they and can anybody call themselves a Game Changer ?

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2 very eminent individuals arrived on the scene at the cusp of the Anna Hazare breakthrough. While their virtues cannot surely be doubted, what was visible was their penchant for the platform that […]

The Government decides to take the CBI away from inspection under the RTI Act – hiding more details ?

The UPA Government is currently under a lot of pressure because of the various corruption investigations ongoing; the courts are looking into various issues and even guiding the CBI on how to do its investigations. In specific cases such as the Telecom 2G scam, the Supreme Court will scold the CBI when it feels that […]

RTI: Getting personal information is allowed

In a recent court order, the Madras High Court has interpreted the usage of RTI to allow obtaining personal information of current Government officials or pensioners for some specific reasons. It is a public perception about RTI that the usage of RTI is only meant for obtaining information, either about the process of movement of […]