Speech by the Prime Minister for sacrifices and comparing the situation to 1991 ??

For the last few days, there were many reports in the press about the Prime Minister coming forward to address the nation about the reform movement, and given his history of being the main person behind the reform movement in 1991 (although it is missed that without the support of PV Narasimha Rao, he would […]

Start and stop reform process: Mamta stops the pension bill attempt once again ..

For the past months (and even years), the present Government has been in a policy stupor. After the exposure of scams of various types and the battering of the reputation of the Government, there is a fear of taking major policy announcements for fear of attracting unwanted attention. So, some time ago, there were reports […]

The Lokpal Bill in Parliament – passes the Lok Sabha, fails in the Rajya Sabha

All through the progress of the Lokpal debate that happened this year, there was a strong feeling – can such a law ever come to pass ? Can a law which has been pushed for 43 years now actually come into force, even if it was not as strong as one would have wished ? […]