Safety feature – Online Credit card usage

If you have ever stopped to look at the online credit usage you would have done (including reviewed the information you were asked to provide), it would seem extremely easy to use somebody’s card and use it for buying stuff. What is it that you need to provide in terms of information when using your […]

India Policy: Confusion Reigns…In Action & Words

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The articles below outline issues which will determine future prospects…

Global economic conditions are not getting better No industry is immune The Government is under a microscope as it deals with the Economic and Security crises.

India’s growth has largely been a result of Government getting out of the way of […]

India Banks: RBI directive destroys transparency

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#fullpost{display:inline;}As I have said in two earlier posts:

India Banks: Slippery slope ahead India Economy: Policy Rate Cuts

the RBI acquisience to industry demands for accounting gimmicks has made valuation of Banks an impossible short term task. Realty problems have been swept under the rug…So, I am rescinding my earlier view […]