The Congress finally decides to sacrifice its 2 ministers – still egg on its face ..

The leader of the Congress has long been a master of perceptions, starting from when she gave up the throne to Manmohan Singh and attained a saint like presence. So, the events of the past couple of days have been really confusing as to the intentions of the Congress. For the past couple of years, […]

Rail accident – A non-functioning Railway Minister

The assignment of the Railway Minister in India has been a political post for quite some time. The Railways is a huge provider of support, in the form of the number of people it employs, the amount of purchasing it does, the amount of material it carries, and of course, carrying people all over the […]

Court asks as to why Government should not pay for bandhs and strikes that cause losses

In the recent pasts, the northern states of India have seen agitations and strikes that have caused a huge amount of inconvenience to the general population. The protests by Gujjars, and then by the Jat community, demanding reservations in jobs have seen blockades of roads and trains, stopping the flow of goods and people across […]