Jat agitation – the death of the state machinery

Drastic headlines, but if you read what happened in Rohtak during the Jat agitation, you would think that this was Somalia where there is no Government. Or during the phase when Egypt was witnessing a change in Government, when the state withdrew its police from the streets and let mobs do what they want. The […]

BJP faces corruption image loss over land allocation by Yeddyurappa

For the past several weeks, the BJP has been putting a huge amount of pressure on the Congress over corruption, with the scams related to the spending on the Commonwealth Games, the Adarsh housing society of defense land, and the whole drama over the allocation of 2G spectrum by the former telecom minister (A Raja) […]

Consumer forum finds for person not given shop by builder

Dealing with builders has always been a problem. A lot of people have smooth interactions with builders, and have got properties (whether these be residential or commercial) without any issues; however, it is also true that in many cases, especially in tough times when builders face problems in terms of funding, or being to complete […]