Finally the cabinet expansion and reshuffle taken place – minimum government ?

When the Modi Government came to power, the country had been totally disgusted with the going-ons in the Congress years during the UPA rule. People were selected to be ministers based on their influence and their power, guided by the decision making exercised by the Gandhi family. The revelation of the Nadia tapes just highlighted […]

Jat reservations in Haryana stayed by High Court – bound to happen

It was expected to happen, and everybody would have expected it. A long time back, around a couple of decades back, the Supreme Court set a deadline for reservations at 50%, and neither anger from MP’s and politicians nor many appeals to the courts could change this level. With the ensuring of judicial review of […]

India deals with Iran for the Chabahar port – strategic deal

India has a huge strategic position in the countries of Central Asia, and even closer than that, with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the strategic backyard of Pakistan, and left to itself, that is what Pakistan would make it to be. This was exactly what had happened earlier when the Pakistani Govt and army created the Taliban […]