The Telangana problem – how much more can the Congress mishandle ?

Looking at the mess of Telangana, one would be mistaken for thinking that India has not had a division of a state before. But consider the following. A large poor state (with some horrible leadership that almost took everybody in the state to an equal poverty level) was faced with the demands to split off […]

The JPC report – as expected, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister are pure as snow ..

Was this why the opposition (primarily the BJP) struggled to keep Parliament on the boil for so long ? It was primarily the BJP which had created a furore in Parliament to setup a Joint Parliamentary Committee to get the 2G scam investigated. And this was surprising, since in the past, the various JPC’s that […]

Rahul Gandhi – Is the Congress confused or is it trying to sow confusion ?

Manmohan Singh has held the fort for the Congress Party for 9 years now, but he is getting onto 80 years old. Further, the reputation of personal honesty and of being the economist par excellence that he held has gone for a big toss – he is see as heading probably the most corrupt Government […]