India deals with Iran for the Chabahar port – strategic deal

India has a huge strategic position in the countries of Central Asia, and even closer than that, with Afghanistan. Afghanistan is the strategic backyard of Pakistan, and left to itself, that is what Pakistan would make it to be. This was exactly what had happened earlier when the Pakistani Govt and army created the Taliban […]

India vs Pakistan – Post Pathankot encounter

Well, technically the encounter is still ongoing, the 3rd day ongoing. This is longer than any possible terrorist engagement in the past, and could almost be called a small skirmish or a minor battle, since we have the odd situation of military personnel and highly trained commandos fighting with 6 odd terrorists and even sacrificing […]

The attack by Pakistani terrorists yet again – what can India do ?

This seems like a regular well done script, bound to repeat itself again and again. Some Indian and Pakistani political leaders get together and discuss the process of peace, not ready to sign a peace deal, but just getting together to talk about a roadmap. They could get so close as to talk about a […]