Mumbai rains – excuse season again

It’s funny. When you have a deluge which exposes the shortcomings of the preparation by the Municipal Commission, the common argument made by them about any sort of accounting is that this is not the right time to discuss what the problem is. And when the problem tides over and the damage is done, then […]

The water carnage in Uttarakhand: Will we finally do something about it ..

Somehow, it always seems that we are always in the short-term mode. There were massive flood in Mumbai some years back which converted the city into one floating disaster zone and killed a heck of a lot of people, and there were a lot of analysis done about it. The analysis was that the normal […]

Building collapse in Thane, more than 70 people dead – Corruption as usual

This is one of the incidents that causes shame and shock, but the bigger shame for India is that we forget this soon after, and more important, do not learn any lessons from such an incident (I would never call this an accident, since this was almost like a deliberate step, with a series of […]