The turmoil over a right-wing agenda in India today ?

This is probably one of the most controversial topics in the country right now, so another post on this is not going to increase or decrease the controversy to any great extent. For the past many years, before the BJP came to power, there was a perception that was increasing gaining ground in the country […]

The attack by Pakistani terrorists yet again – what can India do ?

This seems like a regular well done script, bound to repeat itself again and again. Some Indian and Pakistani political leaders get together and discuss the process of peace, not ready to sign a peace deal, but just getting together to talk about a roadmap. They could get so close as to talk about a […]

The pressure on Maharashtra Chief Minister – Fadnavis

After the election of Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha, there were a number of elections that happened in various states, primarily Congress ruled ones. So, for example, the large states of Haryana, J & K and Maharashtra had the Congress as the ruling party (in alliance with major and minor partners) while Jharkand […]