The attack by Pakistani terrorists yet again – what can India do ?

This seems like a regular well done script, bound to repeat itself again and again. Some Indian and Pakistani political leaders get together and discuss the process of peace, not ready to sign a peace deal, but just getting together to talk about a roadmap. They could get so close as to talk about a […]

The Army chief causes huge tension to the Government, but what about the real issues ?

Ever since reports came out that the Army chief would challenge the Government with regard to his date of birth row, there was some amount of consternation in the Government and the Congress party. Even though the courts finally advised the chief to let go of his claim (they did not say that he was […]

Anti Maoist operations – UAVs to be used to gather information

The Government, for the past several years, has been stating that the Maoist problem is a severe problem, and the ‘Red’ corridor that the naxalites have set up in the central section of the country means that there are large areas of the country where Government officials do not set foot. However, at the same […]