Balancing public’s right to know with an individual’s privacy, reputation and defense

Consider the widely publicized debate in the media on the sexual harassment allegation by a law intern against the retired Supreme Court judge, Justice A. K. Ganguly. The clamour, mainly in the political and judicial circles and among the women’s groups, in favour of his resignation from the post of the Chairman of the West […]

Media trial

In today’s world of 24×7 media coverage of events – good or bad – happening daily around us are bound to be, not just brought to our attention in a relentless manner, but highlighted, discussed and analyzed threadbare. Sometimes this appears to be like a collective voyeuristic tendency of a society in flux and confused […]

Hectoring style in TV journalism and media vigilantism

Watching the TV news nowadays on any of India’s many 24×7 news channels, one will be struck by several characteristics. The most notable among them is that news casting is no longer the staid objective reporting of news stories, description about an event that has taken place or one about to unfold such as a […]