Exit polls for states – Assam, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Kerala and Puducherry

In India, the electoral scene has got so tough over the years that state polls are seen as a barometer of how well the political parties are doing. So, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP was winning in the elections held in states months before the national elections, and it was as a […]

Drama in Kerala for the second time – people power pushes CPM to back Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan

In Kerala, there is a constant power struggle within the ruling CPM party (actually the ruling front is the Left Front, but the CPM is the main party and decides who gets to be the Chief Minister); the party apparatus has been totally taken over by the State Secretary of the party in that region, […]

Exposing Indian Maoists : Part – 1

( Let me make one thing clear…..the objective of writing this article is not defending any activity of Indian govt, but to focus on Indian Maoists. They are largely potrayed as a group fighting for the legitimate rights of Adivashis. But here I discussed some unknown, or atleast less-known aspects of Maoist movement in India. […]