The Government continues its attack on Anna’s team – anti-national, politically driven, etc ..

You know that your attacks are hitting home when the attacked is driven to issue statements that are all over the place, like the fulmination of a person who does not know what to do. So, ever since the recent series of attacks on the Prime Minister by team Anna (which have unfortunately not been […]

Economic condition of India going downhill, with the Government sitting by and letting it happen ..

Major economies such as countries in Europe and the United States are going through a major upheaval, with a strange combination of low rates of economic growth, low interest rates, as well as high deficits. These high deficits have prompted pushes for austerity measures and other means of reducing the debts; which is contrary to […]

Government preparing to force builders to provide more information

The Government is proposing to make a law that will give a lot more information to buyers of property, and force the builders / property developers to be more open, have more processes in place, and hopefully not be able to hoodwink uninformed property buyers (link to article):

The aam aadmi looking to own […]