The Center embarrassed after name in list given to Pakistan actually present in Mumbai, slipup is serious

From time to time, the Center does various slipups in terms of law and order, or statements which seem to portray that proper research has not gone into its investigations and some of the documentation is shoddy. In the past, some of the material supplied to Pakistan as proof of its complicity in terror attacks […]

Blackout for BlackBerry in India – some services facing problems

BlackBerry Services are under fire from the Indian government, with the latest word from the Intelligence Bureau stating that BlackBerry services will be banned in India if the concerns raised by the Indian government are not addressed by the Canadian developer of BlackBerry Smartphone Research In Motion Limited. Although it’s not a total ban, if […]

RTI: Getting personal information is allowed

In a recent court order, the Madras High Court has interpreted the usage of RTI to allow obtaining personal information of current Government officials or pensioners for some specific reasons. It is a public perception about RTI that the usage of RTI is only meant for obtaining information, either about the process of movement of […]