Inflation Nation – a huge problem not being addressed

Anyone who goes to his local grocery store in the corner of the street realizes that the cost of basic food and vegetables have gone up many folds in recent months. The story is similar in almost all commodities across the various segment of people. Unfortunately it affects the poor people more than the rich […]

Will demand for diesel cards reduce if price of diesel increases ?

The Government went in for a partial decontrol of the prices of fuels, with giving a full decontrol of the price of petrol (and promising that future prices will be linked to international prices of crude); the prices for diesel have not been fully decontrolled, and the prices for cooking gas and kerosene have been […]

Price Rise and the politics around it

A couple of years back, there was a sustained push in terms of liquidity in the global system, and as a result, the huge amounts of cash were pushing up the prices of all commodities, resulting in food inflation numbers being high. However, the recession for the past 2 years brought down this excess liquidity […]