Elections results for 4+1 states – major changes expected ..

The recent elections in the 5 states that got completed on December 4th 2013 were very keenly contested. Except for Mizoram, where a popular group ensures that all the parties involved keep their electioneering in check (and minus the excesses that happen in all other states), the other 4 states (Delhi, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and […]

The non-visit of Salman Rushdie to the country – a big shame ..

Let me start with a quick point. I have not read the Satanic Verses, so I don’t know whether the book is as insulting to the feelings of Muslims as is made out to be. Let us assume that the book is incredibly insulting and hurts the feelings of Muslims p(with a slight Devil’s Advocate […]

Court asks as to why Government should not pay for bandhs and strikes that cause losses

In the recent pasts, the northern states of India have seen agitations and strikes that have caused a huge amount of inconvenience to the general population. The protests by Gujjars, and then by the Jat community, demanding reservations in jobs have seen blockades of roads and trains, stopping the flow of goods and people across […]