The pressure on Maharashtra Chief Minister – Fadnavis

After the election of Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha, there were a number of elections that happened in various states, primarily Congress ruled ones. So, for example, the large states of Haryana, J & K and Maharashtra had the Congress as the ruling party (in alliance with major and minor partners) while Jharkand […]

Mumbai rains – excuse season again

It’s funny. When you have a deluge which exposes the shortcomings of the preparation by the Municipal Commission, the common argument made by them about any sort of accounting is that this is not the right time to discuss what the problem is. And when the problem tides over and the damage is done, then […]

Where is Rahul Gandhi’s promise on corruption ?

This is the main problem with politics; people make promises to try and ensure a better image for themselves with the people, including the voting citizens, and then have to make a step back when faced with some hard realities. However, by this time, there is very little sympathy for them, for the hard choices […]