The BJP finally took back Yeddyurappa in the party – bad ?

It must have been a bitter sweet experience. For long, the BJP wanted to get a hold in South India, a part of the country where it had been shut out. There were parts of Kerala where the RSS did have some influence, but no hope for the BJP to get any seats in Kerala. […]

Yeddyurappa finally makes his departure from the BJP

It finally happened. Yeddyurappa has been threatening for some time that he will make his departure from the BJP, unless the BJP designated him in a position of importance, and that did not happen. It was not a happy event for the BJP, but I believe that they had no chance other than what happened. […]

The mess in Karnataka – the BJP changes the chief minister again, forced by B S Yeddyurappa

For quite some time now, the BJP has been evolving into a more messy and chaotic scene in the state of Karnataka. For many years, the BJP was primarily known as a party that had no base in South India, with Maharashtra being the southern most point of power or influence. However, over a period […]