New developments in Jharkand – the BJP and Soren make up

In a reminder of how politics works in the country, 2 political entities that bitterly broke up with each other over 3 months ago are now announcing that they are back together with each other, with the public statements that this is for the good of the people. What has happened in Jharkand ? Well, […]

Finally an agreement in Jharkand, after 3 weeks of turmoil about who will be the Chief Minister

Who would have thought that Shibu Soren could have caused such a huge amount of political turmoil, and plunged the politics of Jharkand into a minefield where everything seemed to be have become unsettled. Shibu Soren was the Chief Minister of Jharkand, as a part of a coalition where the BJP supported the JMM in […]

Soren to become Chief Minister with BJP support

The recent elections in BJP had multiple claimants, with the JMM of Shibu Soren, the BJP, the Congress, and the smaller parties of RJD, Babulal Marandi, and Madhu Koda trying to get his wife to the assembly. In the past, Shibu Soren has had the support of the Congress and was even a Minister in […]