Jat reservations in Haryana stayed by High Court – bound to happen

It was expected to happen, and everybody would have expected it. A long time back, around a couple of decades back, the Supreme Court set a deadline for reservations at 50%, and neither anger from MP’s and politicians nor many appeals to the courts could change this level. With the ensuring of judicial review of […]

Jat agitation – the death of the state machinery

Drastic headlines, but if you read what happened in Rohtak during the Jat agitation, you would think that this was Somalia where there is no Government. Or during the phase when Egypt was witnessing a change in Government, when the state withdrew its police from the streets and let mobs do what they want. The […]

Court asks as to why Government should not pay for bandhs and strikes that cause losses

In the recent pasts, the northern states of India have seen agitations and strikes that have caused a huge amount of inconvenience to the general population. The protests by Gujjars, and then by the Jat community, demanding reservations in jobs have seen blockades of roads and trains, stopping the flow of goods and people across […]