Ahemdabad: Spreading the RTI message

The RTI Act came into force around 4 years ago, on October 12, 2005 to be exact. RTI (Right To Information) is a key method for common citizens to learn more about how decisions are made, what are the internal workings of departments and Government funded organizations. The Government is supposed to work in mysterious […]

Gujarat High Court removes ban on Jaswant Singh’s book

A democratic country believes by certain principles; one of the most important ones is to recognize freedom of speech, and make that a corner-store of policy. There are certain real world considerations that come into this freedom of speech (one classic example is that of hate speech, where you would certainly like to control such […]

RTI empowering differently abled citizens

We are typically more sympathetic to the concerns and feelings of differently abled people (or who used to be called as handicapped people), and one expects that Government departments, who act as enablers for providing support and services to the citizenry of this country, would also act the same way for differently abled citizens. However, […]