Elections results for 4+1 states – major changes expected ..

The recent elections in the 5 states that got completed on December 4th 2013 were very keenly contested. Except for Mizoram, where a popular group ensures that all the parties involved keep their electioneering in check (and minus the excesses that happen in all other states), the other 4 states (Delhi, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and […]

Supreme Court grants bail to Binayak Sen, seems to think that the conviction for sedition not correct

The recent conviction of the left-leaning Doctor, Binayak Sen, by a court in Chhattisgarh for sedition, and for helping Maoists in their efforts to overthrow the power of the state has always been controversial. For his supporters, the legal evidence that helped to get him convicted was nebulous, and not on firm legal ground; in […]

Fight against the Maoists – need a unified strategy (2)

The first version of this article talked about why the Maoist problem has grown to such a large degree, and how the lack of development, and percolating of the forward movement of the Indian economy to backward and tribal areas is important. In the second part, we address how serious the issue is, and what […]