The Bihar elections over – where does it leave the BJP

The loss in the Delhi elections was a serious setback to the BJP power duo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah (although it would not be wrong to point out that Amit Shah has no major power base of his own, his power stems almost totally from his close association with Modi). When the BJP […]

The Bihar elections – a pretty complex affair

The Bihar elections is promising to be a pretty complex and messy affair. On a high level, it seems to be a pretty simple matter, with a confrontation between 2 rival alliances – these being the BJP led alliance on one side, and the messy secular alliance on the other side. The Lok Sabha elections […]

The Bihar elections – Laloo accepted the supremacy of Nitish, for now

It’s been some days now, but it seems that for now, Laloo has accepted Nitish Kumar as the leader of the opposition fight in Bihar. For some time, there had been a standstill, with Laloo not ready to accept Nitish Kumar as the candidate. And of course, Nitish could not accept a situation in which […]