Economically viable : Right to escape disease

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Seeman, the leader of Naam Tamilar party in Tamilnadu recently made a casual comment in a public rally that caught my attention. Seeman is well known for his anti-congress stand. He blasts […]

More trouble for Government – senior office caught on camera striking young women in a heinous case ..

The Nirbhaya case supposedly showed the Government several lessons, none of which have been apparently learned. The most prominent example that the Government should have learned is that there is a rage in the population (or rather, in the otherwise unconcerned middle class) which is stoked by the media looking for some hot and controversial […]

Consumer: Apollo fined Rs. 5 lakh over a man’s death

Apollo Hospitals is one of the providers of premium medical care, charging top rates for their services and in turn providing excellent medical services. This is an expectation that people have when they are admitted to the hospital, so when the hospital screws up somewhere in this care and does harm to the patient, there […]