Economically viable : Right to escape disease

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Seeman, the leader of Naam Tamilar party in Tamilnadu recently made a casual comment in a public rally that caught my attention. Seeman is well known for his anti-congress stand. He blasts […]

Nuclear issues in Japan – will this change the situation in India regarding more nuclear plants ?

The nuclear industry in India has been a very closed area, with the national secret tag being applied at the talk of anything to do with the nuclear industry. There are rumors (and magazine articles) that hint of various problems in the past with the nuclear plants that India runs, including injuries, containment issues, radioactive […]

The Environment Ministry starting to become something other than a rubber-stamp body

For a long time, the Election Commission of India was a rubber-stamp body, about which nobody took any notice, and about which political parties really did not take too much notice. And then came the man called TN Seshan, who was to all practical purposes, a former cabinet secretary, put into a smooth official job […]