Increase of prices on diesel and cooking gas – financial reform ?

For some time now, there has been a lot of pressure on the Government to take steps that demonstrate financial reform. These are in many varied areas such as allowing increased foreign investment in the pension sector, in airlines; allowing 100% foreign ownership in retail, reform in labour sector, and in reform of the petroleum […]

Another huge hike in petrol – high taxes and then a claim of subsidy

It was somewhat predictable, and yet shocked everybody. The Government had adjourned the budget session of Parliament, there are no state elections coming in for many months, and so it seemed like a time when there will not be too many objections (in terms of a ruckus in Parliament). So, after stating for many months […]

Delhi Government forced to reduce the VAT on diesel, after finding that people voted with their feet

Sometimes, Governments get feedback from the citizens in ways that they cannot anticipate. One example was seen in the recent issue about the VAT rates on diesel, implemented by the Delhi Government. The Commonwealth Games to be hosted by Delhi in October is sucking in more money that anticipated, and with delays, especially for the […]