Public protest and the Indian democracy

These days, India is reverberating with protests, many of them distinctly political in nature. There are these usual bandhs and strikes called by the trade unions arising from the adverse effects of the economic policies of the central government (some being implemented, many others in the pipeline) on the lives of industrial workers, farmers, tribals, […]

Political crisis in Maharashtra – Ajit Pawar resigns, but gives hard blows to his uncle

A typical phrase defining the current situation would be, ‘young lion trying to kick the old lion out’. This seems to be what finally happened in the NCP, and the turmoil it caused in the politics of Maharashtra. For the Congress, the NCP is a good ally. As long as you do not get in […]

The row about the Tatra trucks gets more and more weird ..

For some time now, it has seemed that all of you have to do is to make an allegation about anything, and when there is an investigation, there does seem to be something wrong. Call this endemic of the amount of corruption that is present in Government, and which nobody tries to take any steps […]