Real Estate prices – worth it ?

Recently I was having a conversation with few of my friends on the topic of real estate prices in India particularly in major cities. In the Indian context, real estate, either refer to a piece of land to construct a house or an apartment in a housing community. The prices of them particularly in the […]

Tamil Nadu – Governance in serious problem with absentee chief minister

Tamil Nadu has been a 2 party state, with no other party getting anywhere near being able to challenge any of the 2 major parties. The BJP is struggling to make a mark in the state, but it seems a long way to go right now. Even the Congress, which used to hold a strong […]

The hidden cost of lakhs of crores – Auctions

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Recently the Telecom spectrum was auctioned for a whopping one lakh crores. The coal block licensing was also sold for two lakh crores. It has been all over the news as a positive […]