Real Estate prices – worth it ?

Recently I was having a conversation with few of my friends on the topic of real estate prices in India particularly in major cities. In the Indian context, real estate, either refer to a piece of land to construct a house or an apartment in a housing community. The prices of them particularly in the […]

Amar Singh finally turned out – he was asking for it

Well, it finally happened. Some days after it became clear that relations between the strongman of the SP, Mulayam Singh, and his man friday, Amar Singh, were not okay, they started sniping at each other; Mulayam not directly, but through various party people, including his own brother; and Amar Singh directly. The confrontation was apparently […]

Amar Singh separates from the the Samajwadi Party

It was an odd combination earlier, since they are 2 different people entirely. Mulayam Singh is a die-hard Samajwadi who came up in the tough world of politics, building up his power and reputation step by step, bolstered by backward class politics. On the other hand, Amar Singh is the Rajput, the wheeler-dealer, the person […]