Global News: And the Hits just keep on comin’

Lee’s Dhaba

#fullpost{display:none;}Do not get suckered by rallies in the equity markets…the anchor is away, but not moored. Below is a sampling of news globally, with my comments, noted. Please tell me when you see a glimmer..and I don’t mean technical indicators…which industry is finding its feet…it still looks like a vast wasteland […]

Global Markets: Lemming behaviour

Global Markets: Lemming behaviour

#fullpost{display:none;}Every time a different piece of equipment is attached to the patient in ICU, traders, like lemmings in heat rush like a herd and bet on the patient winning the next marathon.

And, of course, all lemmings perish by cliff diving over the precipice. Am I the only person […]

United States: Deficits, the other side

The conversations about the United States economy always carries a feeling of impending doom. This despite an economy which today generates US 50,000 per capita GDP. United States is an unbelievably rich country with net worth of about US 60 trillion and annual GDP of US 14 trillion +.

Yet the conversation is always about […]