Personal finance: Indian stock market recommendations as of 13 September 2009

If you look at what analysts are recommending (that is, if you believe what analysts have to say after the events of the past few months), then the recommendations are never simple. The overall market situation remains complex: – The rainfall over the past few weeks has reduced the overall rainfall deficit for the year […]

Satyam probe – will it be fair ?

The scandal about Satyam just refuses to die down. There are so many questions that remain open, and there is the major feeling that even though the Central Government took quick action once Raju had come out with his confessional statement, the state Government of Andhra Pradesh is not being so open. Before Raju had […]

Satyam in the dock over corporate governance

If you have been reading the financial papers for the past 2 days, you would have realized that suddenly something seemed to be happening at Satyam, and if you were more interested, you would have read that suddenly Satyam seemed to be in the eye of a storm regarding issues of corporate governance. It all […]