Increasing pollution in Delhi and removing vehicles from the road

In any city or country in the world, handling or reducing pollution is not an easy task; it is messy and complex and would involve the execution of a number of steps – these steps could be a matter of days or years. In addition, it is easy to pinpoint one particular suspicion or reason […]

The water carnage in Uttarakhand: Will we finally do something about it ..

Somehow, it always seems that we are always in the short-term mode. There were massive flood in Mumbai some years back which converted the city into one floating disaster zone and killed a heck of a lot of people, and there were a lot of analysis done about it. The analysis was that the normal […]

The Environment Ministry starting to become something other than a rubber-stamp body

For a long time, the Election Commission of India was a rubber-stamp body, about which nobody took any notice, and about which political parties really did not take too much notice. And then came the man called TN Seshan, who was to all practical purposes, a former cabinet secretary, put into a smooth official job […]