Japan’s nuclear crisis and global energy

In 2004, i had chance to visit Japan and was there briefly. This was my first trip outside India and into the outside world. I remember the first time i walked out of the airport in the middle of the night and had a glimpse of this modern country i have always heard about, my […]

The mess in Kashmir, and the Government being ineffective in doing anything to counter it

The current mess in Kashmir offers no easy option for the Government in terms of how to handle the situation, and bring the overall situation to the peace that was there just a few months ago. After a long period of time, the Indian Government was feeling happy about the situation in Kashmir. Tourists were […]

India Terrorism: Sickening terrorists, Sickening leadership

India Terrorism: Sickening terrorists, Sickening leadership

#fullpost{display:none;}Below is chronology of terror attacks in 2008…I do not claim it to be complete just what comes to mind immediately. The Prime Minister is a buffoon when it comes to these situations…he gave a ‘insipid, robotic speech’ decrying terrorism.

Mumbai, Nov 26, 2008: Several killed and […]