The Modi effect – states starting to push their development index … but superficial ?

The UPA Government came in with a lot of promise, and with an element of surprise, since not everybody expected the BJP to lose to the Congress in the 2004 elections. Yet, the Congress got a higher number of seats, and with the support of the Left, formed a Government. In between they dumped the […]

Japan’s nuclear crisis and global energy

In 2004, i had chance to visit Japan and was there briefly. This was my first trip outside India and into the outside world. I remember the first time i walked out of the airport in the middle of the night and had a glimpse of this modern country i have always heard about, my […]

Convenience of paying utility bills in Bangalore

How many times have you dreaded the prospect of paying a utility bill. Where the electricity or water is provided by a Government department, the prospect of queuing up outside a dingy office, with a long queue and in the hot sun is one that most people shirk from doing, until absolutely necessary. Hence the […]