A greater push against drunken driving – the law tightening the screws on offenders

In the wester countries (and in many of the countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong), there are huge pressures that prevent drunken driving. Drunken driving is treated as a crime that can bring in severe penalties on the person who is accused of the crime, and is justified by the fact that […]

Drinking and driving: how to check the problem

Drinking and driving is a universal problem, with different countries having different ways of checking / controlling this habit. A sizable percentage of accidents are known to happen after drinking and driving, and countries have different levels of enforcement about this habit. So, for example, if you take the case of countries such as Singapore […]

Sending a drunk pillion rider to jail

For some time now, the Mumbai police has been waging an intense campaign against drunk driving, including the use of jail time (anywhere from 1 day to multiple days) as part of the measures against drunk driving. This had surprised many people since observing traffic laws (including road safety laws such as not drinking and […]