Jat agitation – the death of the state machinery

Drastic headlines, but if you read what happened in Rohtak during the Jat agitation, you would think that this was Somalia where there is no Government. Or during the phase when Egypt was witnessing a change in Government, when the state withdrew its police from the streets and let mobs do what they want. The […]

PM Modi – India’s Frequent Flyer

The Indian Prime minister has been going around the world quite a lot since he took over. In general, the Indian media portray him positively. There is an illusion that the country cannot prosper without the foreign investments, and they can come in only if the PM reaches out to them in their country and […]

The statements by Raj Thackeray and then by Uddhav – no action

A couple of years back, there was a lot of controversy over some of the statements made by Raj Thackeray, who is the head of the MNS. His statements advocated the policy of blaming outsiders for things going wrong inside Mumbai and Maharashtra, and also advocated control on immigration of non-Maharashtra folks into the state. […]