AAP – a series of debacles – recovery ?

There is a sense of mystery and intrigue regarding the fortunes of AAP. After its first government resigned, there was a sense of distrust about the reasons for the resignation, and the other parties jumped on that one. However, the second election in Delhi after that (which should have been a cakealk for the BJP […]

Kedarnath, Mumbai, Chennai – when will we wake up ?

It could be climate change, it could be that we are facing the once in a 100 years kind of flood, whatever be the exact reason, parts of India keep on facing one mega climate extremity after another. The cyclones we see that hit the east coast from time to time, as well as earthquakes, […]

The Bihar elections over – where does it leave the BJP

The loss in the Delhi elections was a serious setback to the BJP power duo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah (although it would not be wrong to point out that Amit Shah has no major power base of his own, his power stems almost totally from his close association with Modi). When the BJP […]