Manmohan Singh and the summons over Coalgate – Hindalco case

“Be you ever so high, law is above you”. Sometimes a saying can capture the concept of law and justice like no case can. It is a popular saying that law is supreme, that nobody is above the law. This has been proven in many countries where the high and mighty have been felled by […]

The collapse of hope – Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh

After covering yesterday the hope that Mamta Banerjee had raised in the people of Bengal and the way that she has gone about arrogantly crushing that hope made me realize that there are others who came in with a lot of hope, and who have steadily been crushing the hope that people have in them. […]

Supreme Court judgments starting to cause politicians to rebel ..

The concept of the separation of powers in India is a bit hazy. In a typical democracy, there is a Constitution with a set of defined values and laws that are the core of the country. And then there is the executive (which we know as the Government), the legislature (which makes the laws) and […]