Another huge hike in petrol – high taxes and then a claim of subsidy

It was somewhat predictable, and yet shocked everybody. The Government had adjourned the budget session of Parliament, there are no state elections coming in for many months, and so it seemed like a time when there will not be too many objections (in terms of a ruckus in Parliament). So, after stating for many months […]

The Andhra Pradesh Congress faces pressure after the win of Jagan Reddy in the Kadapa Lok Sabha polls

Ever since the helicopter death of the Congress Andhra strongman YSR, there has been a running feud between his son Jaganmohan Reddy and the rest of the Congress in Andhra. He wanted to replace his father as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and this was something that the Congress High Command did not want. […]

Inflation Nation – a huge problem not being addressed

Anyone who goes to his local grocery store in the corner of the street realizes that the cost of basic food and vegetables have gone up many folds in recent months. The story is similar in almost all commodities across the various segment of people. Unfortunately it affects the poor people more than the rich […]