With the counting of Dec 8 showing Congress down, what next for major parties …

So, it turned out that the exit polls that were published soon after the closure of voting on the 4th were wrong, as Congress had been claiming. However, in a twist, the exit polls actually under-estimated the scope to which the Congress seat-share would fall. Who would have predicted the fall of the Congress from […]

The tussle between Kapil Sibal and the IIT’s over the new proposed admission process

This post is not about the merits of the proposal that was mooted by the Human Resources Development ministry for the admission process into the IIT’s, the proposal talking about having a quota for the marks attained in the boards (and which will have a single test for all these top institutes such as IIT’s, […]

The mess of the CommonWealth Games – grin and bear it ?

The mess related to the Commonwealth Games is now reaching a feverish pitch. There are just a few days left for the actual opening of the games, but the early contingent of delegates and officials from many countries are already here, and athletes from a number of countries are also expected to arrive within the […]