Land acquisition – Government as a land broker

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If you had a chance to venture into the suburbs of major cities looking for a piece of land – you would have had an opportunity to see that anyone without […]

The hospital fire in Kolkata and next steps – any lasting effects ?

True learning from a disaster means that steps are taken to ensure that the reasons for the disaster are learnt, and the possibility of future disasters similar to the existing one are drastically reduced. Somehow, the confidence that we will learn a lot from the disaster does not really seem apparent. The recipe for deaths […]

High Court strikes down more land acquisition deals by the Noida administration

For many years now, the areas of Noida, Greater Noida, and Noida Extension near the capital city have been the center of a building boom. The many Governments of Uttar Pradesh in the past (run by different political parties such as the BJP, SP, BSP) have all played a part in this building boom, leveraging […]