The merger of the Janta Parivar – looks difficult

Who would have thought of something like this just a few months back ? Enemies coming together in the face of a much more powerful enemy – but this is part of the saying, “the enemy of your enemy is a friend”. And so it was with the Janta Parivar. Over a period of time, […]

Speech by the Prime Minister for sacrifices and comparing the situation to 1991 ??

For the last few days, there were many reports in the press about the Prime Minister coming forward to address the nation about the reform movement, and given his history of being the main person behind the reform movement in 1991 (although it is missed that without the support of PV Narasimha Rao, he would […]

Trying to spin up some froth – putting in the name of PA Sangma as the Presidential candidate

Politics is a very strange game. Just a couple of months back, there was a lot of debate over the political weakness of the UPA Government, and how the Congress is being tormented by its allies. It was unable to pass any major reform due to opposition from some of its allies, and the biggest […]