The push for making harder laws whenever there is a heinous crime ..

At the time of the Nirbhaya gang-rape crime in December, because of the huge public pressure and the constant focus of the media, there was a push for making more strict laws to punish such offenders. The idea of having the death penalty in the case of rape was pushed strongly, as that would serve […]

Reasons why the Supreme Court gets into policy decisions, Government neglect

Each time there is a serious judgment by the Supreme Court or a report by the CAG which goes against the Government, there are a number of people who get up from the Government side and claim that all these constitutional bodies are over-stepping their boundaries and that it is only the Government which can […]

Parents serving alcohol at kids parties

I read this article in a newspaper, and was shocked (and shocked is a mild word for what I felt). Read a few excerpts, and then we can discuss further:

Dr Harish Shetty, however, doesn’t buy the logic. “Drinking with dad is just as bad as it can sow the seeds of alcoholism in […]