Manmohan Singh and the summons over Coalgate – Hindalco case

“Be you ever so high, law is above you”. Sometimes a saying can capture the concept of law and justice like no case can. It is a popular saying that law is supreme, that nobody is above the law. This has been proven in many countries where the high and mighty have been felled by […]

Murder, investigation, police and the CBI – too many problems …

The Arushi murder case was finally decided by a court, 5 years after the twin murders of Arushi and the family servant, Hemraj. If there ever was to be a book published on how not to run a murder enquiry, this case can fill in many chapters in the book, and because of the incredible […]

Supreme Court orders Government to work out autonomy for the CBI .. but ..

The CBI could be one of the most powerful organizations against the high levels of corruption that we see. Okay, pipe dream over. For decades now, the CBI has been one of the organizations that has been the most controlled by the Government in power, and this is something that has been recognized as well. […]